Delphi 即將起飛 -- Borland計劃分離IDE業務爲一個單獨的公司



“Developers will always play an important role in the application lifecycle, but the ALM and IDE markets are very different - requiring distinct business models, different operational and marketing structures and a focused R&D team,” said Nielsen. “Both markets are important, but Borland can no longer give both the resources and attention they require. Therefore, Borland has chosen to focus wholly on its ALM business, while acting in the best interests of the development community. Our intention is to create a standalone business focused on advancing individual developer productivity.”


現在新的CEO Nielsen(以前是Oracle擔任高級營銷副總裁)終于做出了這個決定,將Borland的業務定位于利潤豐厚的企業ALM系統。

我曾經提到過錐子原理 :








所以我認爲這樣的業務分拆對于IDE(Delphi/C++Builder,JBuilder)以及Borland ALM 都是有積極意義的。

而且新公司成立後,相關的開發人員都會過去(包括Allen Bauer)。



以下是Allen Bauer在新聞組的發言,相關的新聞見他列出的鏈接。

>> I am still in shock.. but I probably should have expected this. It makes

>> sense. But I think that the new company should also buy the "Borland"

>> name. Many (still) get positive associations from "Borland".


> Me too. Despite their glossy spin on it, I can't help feeling that it's

> the beginning of the end. Borland dev tools were already being used in

> fewer and fewer software shops and I feel this will further exacerbate

> that trend.

What glossy spin? In fact, IMHO, this is one of the least "spin-ridden"

announcements to come from Borland in ages. It was straight and to the

point, including the reasons and motivations behind the descision. To be

truly "spin" filled, we'd have all the answers and be able to downplay all

the negatives... I don't see that happening. In fact there is so much that

is not known at this point it's amazing to me that we've gone public at this

stage at all. But it is what it is, and I, for one, am excited to be a part

of the change. This allows us (as in the future NewCo) to begin to

establish a very clear, open channel of communication... even when we don't

have all the facts and are still wrestling with the details.

Please read:

and and and and

Oh. BTW, that last one is by a brand new junior member of the BDS R&D team.

David Lock, is a new, bright up-and-coming.


Allen Bauer

Delphi/C#Builder/C++Builder Chief Scientist

Borland Software Corporation.

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