terms and conditions and let us know whether they meet with your approval. On a personal note, I must say that I am delighted that we are probably going to strengthen our relationship. I have very pleasant memories of my last visit to Bahrain when you entertained me so delightfully .I look forward to reciprocating on your next visit to Milan . My very best wishes to you and your wife.

4月12日建議擔任爲公室器具之獨家代理來信已經收悉。 過去雙方合作皆互利互助,能獲您的眷顧作我公司于巴林的獨家代理,殊感榮幸。 據知您公司兩服務技師曾到我公司米蘭工廠受訓。相信您公司在取得代理權後,仍會繼續注重合格售後服務人員的訓練。現隨信附上協議草稿, 請查實各項條款 ,惠複是盼。 能加強業務,我亦感到欣喜,前次到訪巴林,蒙盛情款待,不勝感激。祈盼您莅臨米蘭時,容我一盡地主之誼。 此致 敬禮


At the beginning of this month , I attended the Harrogate toy fair. While there , I had an interesting conversation with Mr. Douglas Gage of Edutoys plc about selecting an agency for our teaching aids. Douglas described your dynamic sales force and innovative approach to marketing. He attributed his own company''s success to your excellent distribution network which has served him for several years. We need an organization like yours to launch our products in the UK. Our teaching aids cover the whole field of primary education in all subjects .Our patented 『Matrix』 math apparatus is particularly successful. You may have reservations about American teaching aids suiting your market. This is not a problem since we have a complete range of British English versions. I enclose an illustrated catalogue of our British English editions for your information. Please let me have your reactions to the material. I shall be in London during the first two weeks of October .Perhaps we could arrange a meeting to discuss our proposal.

本用初參觀哈洛加特玩具交易會時有幸與教育玩具股份有限公司的道格拉斯·蓋齊先生一談,提及本公司正物色代理人推廣教學器材一事。 蓋齊先生贊揚貴公司積極推廣産品,不斷推出新的推銷方法,並把其公司的成就歸于貴公司完善的經銷網絡。貴公司的經驗,正能替本公司在英國經銷産品。 本公司生産初級教育各學科的教育器村、專利産品梅特裏克教學器材更傲視同侪。 除美國教學器材外,亦備有全套英式英語版教材,適合當地市場,貴公司無需憂慮切合市場需求。 現附上配有插圖的英式英語版教材目錄,盼抽空細閱,並賜知寶貴意見。本人擬于10月頭兩星期前往倫敦,未知能否安排會面,就以上建議作一詳談? 此致 敬禮


Many thanks for your letter and enclosures of 12 September. We were very interested to hear that you are looking for an UK distributor for your teaching aids. We would like to invite you to visit our booth,no.6,at next month''s London Toy Fair, at Earl''s court , which starts on 2 October. If you would like to set up an appointment during non exhibit hall hours please call me. I can then arrange for our sensor staff to be present at the meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.

多謝9月12日的來信和附件。獲悉貴公司有意物色英國銷售商推廣教學輔助設備, 甚感興趣。 本公司將于10月2日于厄爾大樓舉行的聳敦玩具商品交易會上展示産品,誠邀貴公司派員參觀設于46號之攤位。如能安排于非展出時間面談,煩請電複。定必委派高層人員赴會。 本公司深知貴公司産品精美質優,希望能發展互惠之業務。 特此奉告,並候複音。


We understand from our trade contacts that your company has reestablished itself in Beirut and is once again trading successfully in your region. We would like to extend our congratulations and offer our very best wishes for your continued success. Before the war in Lebanon , our companies were involved in a large volume of trade in our textiles. We see from our records that you were among our best tem customers. We very much hope that we can resume our mutually beneficial relationship now that peace has returned to Lebanon. Since we last traded, our lines have changed beyond recognition. While they reflect

terms and conditions and let us know whether they meet with your approval. On a personal note, I must say that I am delighted that we are probably going to strengthen our relationship. I have very ple...查看完整版>>27種外貿英語函電格式[2]
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