A: We''ve noticed that your orders have been falling off lately, haven''t you?

A: 我們發現貴公司的訂單最近逐漸減少了,對嗎?

B: That''s because we have switched to made-up goods market.

B: 那是因爲我們轉向成衣生意的緣故。

A: Is there anything I can book for you now?

A: 目前有什麽我可以代您訂購的嗎?

B: What we can order from you right now are cotton goods.

B: 現在我們能向你訂購的只有棉織品。

1、 訂購商品

Please send to the following items to be shipped by way express, and bill us. The order is contingent on receiving the terms of 2%-30days:1 doz. linen handkerchiefs : $2.404pair tan pigskin gloves, size : $12.002doz.assorted Orlon sport shirts : $72.005pair assorted cotton socks : $2.00TOTAL : $88.40.

請將下列各項商品交由鐵路以快運方式發運給我們並列帳單。按照 「2%-30 天 」 的條件執行。一打亞麻布手帕 2.40 美元 4 雙棕黃色豬皮手套(尺碼) 12.00 美元。 2 打各種花色的奧綸運動衫 72.00 美元。 5 雙雜色棉線短襪 2.00 美元。合計 88.40 美元。


Please ship the following goods by motor freight as soon as possible, and charge them to our account:15Ibs. bicarbonate of soda $4.501gross boxes of aspirin $36.0020bottles Rapp Syrup-#47B $10.00TOTAL $50.50.

請盡快用汽車發運下列物品:費用請記入我方帳內。 15 磅小蘇打 4.50 美元。 12 打盒裝阿司匹林 36.00 美元。 20 瓶拉普糖漿 -47B 10.00 美元。合計 50.50 美元


This is to confirm my telephone order of yesterday for the following items: 4Jr.Sewing Machines Model 3A 7Homemaker''s Ironing Boards15 Fold Up Clothes Racks.

昨天我在電話所聯系的下列各項訂貨現作進一步確認。 4 台 3A 型小縫紉機、 7 只家用熨鬥、 15 只折叠式衣架。


Thank you for your samples of striped coatings received today. Please make shipment in accordance with our Order No.2602 enclosed herewith.

今天收到你們寄來的帶條紋外衣料樣品,謝謝。請按照信內附寄的第 2602 號訂單發貨。


We refer to your telex of 12 August and ours of today regarding the supply of black silk. As you perhaps know, demand for the above has been heavy since last year. We are consequently fully committed at the moment and are unable to make you the offer as requested. We assure you, however, that we shall contact you as soon as fresh supplies become available. Should your customers requite other silks, please let us know.

貴公司 8 月 12 日的電傳已經收到,現就有關黑色絲綢供貨問題電複。自去年以來,上術貨品的需求量極高。本公司暫未能承接定單,故無法按貴公司要求報價。他日一旦有新貨源,本公司定當即時與貴公司聯絡。若貴客戶需要其他絲綢貨品,亦請告知。


Thank you for your order no.458 for tin plate sheets which we received today. We regret that, owing to a shortage of stock, we are unable to fill your order. Moreover, our manufacturers cannot undertake to entertain your order for future delivery owing to the uncertain availability of raw materials. We will, however, contact you by telex once supply improves. In the meantime, please feel free to send us your specific enquiries for other types of metal sheets. You can assured of our best attention at all times.

今天收到貴公司 4 5 8 號鍍錫板的定單。因爲存貨短缺,未能供應貴公司所需貨品,特此致歉。此外,制造商尚未確定原料供應量是否充足,所以不能接受其他定單。一旦供應情況改善,我們將電傳通知貴公司。若貴公司需要其他金屬薄板型號的資料,我們樂意隨時效勞 .


We have received the above shipment ex SS Blue Seas and are pleased to inform you that we find the goods quite satisfactory. Since we believe we can sell additional quantities it this market, we wish to place with you a repeat order for 500 dozens of the same style and sizes. We would be grateful if you could arrange early shipment of this repeat order at we are in urgent need of the goods. If the goods are not available from stock, we would be grateful if you could advise us, with full particulars of the specifications, of replacement goods which can be whipped from stock.


We are pleased to acknowledge your letter of 6 March informing us that you are satisfied with our ladies tights shipped to you per SS Blue Seas. We also note that you wish to place a repeat order. We regret that we cannot at present entertain any new orders for Baletto ladies'' tights owing to heavy orders. We are, however, keeping your order before us. As soon as we are in a position to accept new orders, we will contact you by telex. With regard to stock lines, we are enclosing a list for your information. Should you be interested in any of these, please let us know your requirements, stating quantity, style and sizes.

3 月 6 日的來信已收到,得悉貴公司滿意經由藍海號輪船運送的女裝緊身衣,並希望再訂購貨品,深表謝意。由于定單過多,本公司很抱歉暫時未能接受巴勒圖女裝緊身衣的新定單。我們會保留貴公司的定單,一俟能接受新定單,即以電傳知會貴公司。現隨函附上本公司存貨清單以供參考。如欲訂購任何貨品,請告知所需貨品之數量、式樣和尺碼、本公司半竭誠爲您效勞。


Thank you for your letter of 20 May concerning your special request. From time to time we do run special jobs, changing materials and colors for one particular order. But we have to consider many factors before we can accept the order. I have spoken to our production manager, and she has done the costings. I am sorry to report that even if we did the job for you at cost, it would come out well above the price you are willing to pay. I am checking with other manufacturers in the area who are working with the materials you want. They may be able to give you the quality you desire at a fair price. I will get back to you in a few days. We appreciate your business and I am glad you asked us about this job .The next time you have a special need, please ask again. We will try our best to do the job for you .If we cannot, we will attempt to find the best company that can.

謝謝貴公司 5 月 20 日特別訂貨要求的來函。本公司遇有客戶特別要求,如情況許可,亦樂意加工變換有關産品的用料或顔色。貴公司的要求經轉達生産部經理作成本預算後,考慮到所需費用較貴公司所擬高出很多,因而未能照辦,非常抱歉。現正聯絡其他廠商,研究是否能以合理價格達成要求。不日將有答複。承蒙查詢加工事宜,謹致衰心謝意。如有其他要求,本公司樂意隨時候命。即若未能效勞,亦當物色其他能勝任的商代辦。

Free Carrier (named place) 貨交承運人

Free Alongside Ship (named port of shipment)


Free On Board (named port of shipment)


Cost & Freight (named port of destination)


Cost, Insurance and Freight (named port of destination)


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